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Welcome to rANdOm,
Garry's Mod, CS, L4D2, etc. game community.
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Welcome to the rANdOm Wiki

On here you will find information ranging from server guides, helpful info, admin availability, and more!

As this gets started I will be accepting members to become part of the contributors here.

Hopefully we will get some worthwhile contributions!

That is it from me for now,

Thanks for visiting -coolz

Important Links

View Admin info including time and availability: Admins

View Server info including connection issues: Servers

View Promotion/Rank Info: Promotions


View Server Guides: Server Guides

How to Record a Demo: Record Demo

Winter Survival Recipe List: Winter Survival Recipes

How to Gather Proof for a Report: (Being Created)

(Mapping) Optimization for newbies Optimization for newbies