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If you are receiving error messages, crashes, or anything else please post a bug report here (,14621.0.html ) Thanks -coolz

Connection Problems

Right now some people are having difficulty finding the servers in the server list.

You can connect manually using the game's console.

Open the options and enable the console in keyboard settings > advanced menu.

Open the console with ~

Type connect IP:PORT to connect the server.

rNd Example:

connect (rANdOm Rotation - Fretta)

  • Note: Sometimes the servers are down for maintenance. Other times the servers might be down due to an unfortunate loss of power or from attacks. Please be patient for the servers to resume operation. Announcements will most likely be posted in the forum's news section and possibly steam group news as well.

Joining TeamSpeak 3 Server

How to get and use TeamSpeak 3

1. Download according to your operating system

2. Install and start up TeamSpeak 3, adjust settings accordingly

3. Add server information to Connect

  IP :
  Port : 9987 (default) [Normally you do not need to input this]
  Password : rANdOm

For more information about TeamSpeak 3 please visit their website at

Adding/Contributing Maps

I recommend making a suggestion thread in the forums and see if the majority wants your map added. Admins will then be able to upload maps to me and I will process them over time. -coolz


I would like to let this group expand to other countries.

This would allow better localization for players in other countries and continue to keep communication with the 'main' station here in the West Coast - USA.

That said, if anyone feels like hosting a server for their local country/province/anything to help expand playability - please contact me either directly or mention it here in the thread.

Hopefully players will continue to collaborate and keep communication a lot better while keeping low pings for users and a better experience for distanced players!

Please don't hesitate to contact me, we can set up communication and other things in no time!

If your interested, send me a PM with the details ( SERVER IP, UPTIME, COUNTRY, NAME, OWNER DETAILS ( NAME, ETC. ), MORE IF NEEDED )

Thanks for reading and your interest!

Just a note: There are no restrictions on type of server! Any server will work!

Server Guides


Deathrun game mode:

Deathrun is a basic deathtrap run to the finish where you will kill the "deaths" who activate the traps to kill you. Depending on the amount of players in the server at the time, 1-2 deaths will be chosen (Not known whether or not the second death is a glitch, or is intended. Requires looking into) The "Runners" will have to get past the many traps and use methods provided to kill the Deaths.

There are a few ways you can trick the deaths and make them activate a trap without you being killed. One of them, is the fake jump. To do this, you simply jump towards the trap, but strafe and turn back at the last second to trick the death into thinking you are jumping into the trap. This way, you can stay out of danger while getting the Death to pull traps. However, they will learn from their mistakes and begin being more cautious.

Different maps have different assortments of traps, finishes, and secrets. The regular set of finishes are Easy (simply shooting the death with him/her having no means of killing you) knife (You and the death(s) are placed in a 1v1 melee duel) and New, which can range from anything the map-maker had in mind. Many Deathrun maps are ported to Garrysmod from Counter-Strike:Source and sometimes have little quirks/glitches in them. The only gun used in Deathrun maps (as to my knowledge) is the Half Life 2 SMG. (It's ammo cannot be replenished nor can it be dropped. USE YOUR AMMO WISELY.)

Garryware game mode

Garryware is a basic fast-paced game mode that requires you to do things that the announcer tells you to do. There are multiple objectives and they are placed in random order. The player who has the most wins at the end of the game wins.

If you fail to do an objective by either incorrectly performing it, or running out of time, you are placed within a ghost mode until that objective ends. Note: You STILL collide with players when in ghost mode, you simply don't have any weapons, have a faded model, and cannot do any more of the objectives.