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Hey everybody!

I have not posted on the front page in quite some time, despite many changes I have logged for the servers, website, and other stuff.

This announcement is to notify people who read this that the site is undergoing a change that will happen in multiple stages.

For more information you can read the announcement thread on the forums.

More importantly, our winter raffle is coming up, this is going to be the last one so be sure to stop by! I'm going to post a thread on the forums soon, so keep a look out for that.

*Edit: Winter Raffle Update: Check out this thread ( https://forum.randomgs.com/index.php?topic=18227.msg229538#msg229538 ) for more information!

*Edit 2: Winter Raffle Results: Check out this thread ( https://forum.randomgs.com/index.php?topic=18227.msg229651#msg229651 ) for more information!

Anyway guys, thanks for being awesome and making rNd fun!

2015-12-14 | 22:16 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)

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14 games now available on the fretta server including: bombtag, freezetag, poltergeist, game master, trembling tiles, ultimate chimera hunt, and zombie onslaught!

I hope you enjoy them, various fixes have been applied to fretta as well.

Also, in the fretta server you can no longer vote for the same gamemode that was just played, no more spamming prop hunt!

Various serverside enhancements and fixes were applied as well.

Anyway, remember to continue to report bugs and issues - thanks to all those people who have and thanks again to the testers!

Peace out biznatchingaz

2013-08-20 | 02:24 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)

Today I held a poll to see what gamemode the majority would like to try out on the rotation server.

People wanted a variety of things but most wanted to see Fretta back.

So I converted deathrun, garryware, pedobear escape, prop hunt, sniperwars, and stalker over yesterday, thanks to my testers you know who joo are.

Check it out: random.teh-server.com:27030

I'll be holding one of these polls every now and then to switch up games.

Remember to report bugs if you find them! Enjoy pingazez and pingazettez :3

ttt_minecraft updated to version b5 ( thanks to blah2355 for suggesting )
ttt_rooftops updated to a2_f1 ( thanks to bombsquad for suggesting )

2013-08-13 | 02:39 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)

Lots and lots of bugs fixed all around!

More materials back on Wire Build, thanks to Tech for helping.
In TTT, dm_richs_apt now has c4 disabled to prevent crashing, some sounds are fixed, and map revote blacklist has been redone and works all the time. No more 9000 sequential games of compound. Rounds are now back to 6 per map and 60 minutes as well.

I have now made it possible to enable damage log saving after every round, to do this type ttt_clients_save_damagelog 1 in console and make a folder in your Garry's Mod data folder named 'ttt' and a folder in that named 'logs' - that is where they will be saved after every round. Make sure to open the logs with wordpad or some other program that recognizes new lines - any modern editor works, just avoid notepad.

I have reduced the amount of servers I host, mainly because it's not smart to host servers that sit there empty.

While there may be changes to that in the future do not expect any more than the amount hosted currently.

There are also concerns about the Minecraft server. All the data is as it was and will be ready to go if ever the opportunity comes up again. However, the resources for the FTB server were quite demanding and I think it was reasonable to host 3 games of Garry's Mod that people play than a single heavy demand Minecraft server that people easily lose interest in.

Now, at some times it may be possible to organize an event where I would host another server for the day or something along those lines.

Hope all is well and your season is going along smoothly.

2013-08-11 | 13:27 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)

Hey guys, just a small news update.

I got the Left 4 Dead 2 server updated and tank mod seems to work flawlessly - even crazier than before. Tanks spawning right in front of you etc.

Also, Teamspeak and website work is done now so we should resume uptime.

There will be more changes coming up in the next month or so and I will update this to inform you all on the progress.

Thanks for reading and haz a good onez.

2013-07-15 | 15:36 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)

Hey guys! (Zombie Survival Server Update)

For those who have Zombie Survival (ZS) already downloaded I have a kewl announcement!

I worked through many of the bugs and it should be relatively more playable now (Damage Fixes, Gameplay Fixes, Movement Fixes, Animation Fixes).

I spent some time so I could get it up for the weekend, so please enjoy it!

Also, while it worked well for a few people I did not have a chance to test it with a full server so please report any bugs you find here ( http://forum.randomgs.com/index.php/board,59.0.html ).

Thanks to Prox for helping me adjust the weapon damages in detail.
Thanks for Ruben for providing other ideas for some of the problems.
Thanks to Moo for helping test at 5am :D
Thanks to Minic for helping come up with more ideas as to the origin of some problems.
Thanks to all who enjoy and play ZS!

By the way, for those of you who didn't know already, alltalk is enabled and functional on ZS.

Also, the downloading compressed custom content bug should be fixed next update according to Garry which will allow more new people to join the ZS and Stronghold servers, and also means custom weapons will work again for TTT.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy! Have a tasty BRAINZ :3

2013-03-22 | 04:35 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)

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