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A demo is a source recording that can be recorded and watched by typing simple commands in the console.

Recording demo's can be very useful for film creators like myself but they can also be great proof for reports here on the forum.

How to record demo

Step 1

How to enable console

While you are in game (TTT for example) press ~ to open your console.

(Your console MAY NOT be enabled. To enable it, go to your Garry's Mod options, go to Keyboard and Mouse settings, click on advanced settings, and check the box that reads "Enable developer console (~)"

Step 2

Then you need to type "record *You can put any file name here*"

For example, if someone was hacking in TTT I would spectate them and type this in the console "record speedhacker"

It will start recording and it will not stop recording until you type "stop" in the console.

Step 3

Once you have captured proof with the recording, the demo file can be found in your steam folder under

* Program Files */steam/steamapps/*your user name*/garrysmod/garrysmod

The file will be in there. From there all you need to do is upload it to any upload site. For example: or

Once it is uploaded simply make a report according to the reference and include the file download link as proof.

Additional Information

Play Demo

If you want to watch the recording you need to go back into Garry's Mod.

Open the console and type "playdemo *file name here*"

Using my example I would type "playdemo speedhacker"

The demo will start to play.

Console Problems

I need to make note that some keyboards are not 'US' keyboards; so when you enable the console you cannot open the console.

That is why you use Launch Options

  1. Right click the game in the Steam Library
  2. Click Launch Options
  3. Write -console

That will ALWAYS automatically open the console when you run the game.

You could also change the configs like bind x "toggleconsole" put that to your autoexec.cfg or any config.

This works ONLY while playing.