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There is a 7 second delay in between chat sounds.


enough of your mumbo jumbo




about that bear i owed ya

enough of your bullshit








get down







run for your life






uh oh



shut up


right on




let's go

lets go





oh no



da man

my house


watch out

excuse me

you sure?




welcome to city 17

it's safer here

i'm talking to you

serve mankind

get going

go on out

get outta here

go on


get in here hurry

hit the road jack




you fool

good god


drive safely


gee thanks

what the hell

it's your pet the freakin headhumper

i'll stay here

i'm sticking here

up there

lead the way

over there

ok i'm ready

i'm with you

hey over here

behind you

follow me

pardon me

got one


wait for me

i'm hurt

take cover

that's a manhack

it's a manhack


ready when you are

don't forget hawaii

that's enough outta you

wait for us

we trusted you

god i'm hungry

you're talking to yourself again

come on everybody

watch what you're doing

your mind is in the gutter

here they come!

same here

i wouldn't say that too loud

i'll put it on your tombstone

have you ever had an original thought?

let's concentrate on the task at hand

keep your mind on your work

you never know

you never can tell

why are you telling me?

how about that

want a bet?

what am i supposed to do about it?

you talking to me?

leave it alone

can't you see i'm busy?

look out below

shouldn't we be doing something?

let's even the odds a little

hold down this spot

i'm hurt

im hurt

sometimes i dream about cheese

i can't remember the last time i had a shower

watch what you're doing

you got it

we thought you were here to help

hey doc

hit in the gut

like that?

my leg

my gut

my arm

no no

you're not the man i thought you were

one for me and one for me

let me get out of your way

i don't think this war is ever going to end

to think all i used to want to do is sell insurance

i don't dream anymore

when this is all over ah who am i kidding

woah deja vu

you smell that? it's freedom

if i ever get my hands on dr. breen

i could eat a horse hooves and all

i can't believe this day has finally come

i'm pretty sure this isn't part of the plan

looks to me like things are getting worse not better

if i could live my life over again

i'm not even gonna tell you what that reminds me of

they're never gonna make a stalker outta me

finally change is in the air

you feel it? i feel it

i don't feel anything anymore

some day this will all be a bad memory

i'm not a betting man but the odds are not good

doesn't anyone care what i think?

i can't get this tune outta my head

i just knew it was gonna be one of those days

i think i ate something bad

when this is all over i'm gonna mate

i'm glad there's no kids around to see this


whatever you say

ok i'm going

here it goes

here goes nothing

here we come

on our way


this way gang

over here

let's get moving

gordon freeman, you're here

stop it freeman


this'll do nicely

damn vorts

i'm not sure how to take that

should i take that personally?

speak english

you got that from me

that's why we put up with you

couldn't have put it better myself

that almost made sense

something must be wrong with me i almost understood that

i guess i'm getting used to you vorts

none of your vort philosophy

stop you're killing me

what did i do to deserve this?

stop looking at me like that

some things i just never get used to

i don't know how you things survived as long as you have

sometimes i wonder how i ended up with you

you're alright vorty

you vorts aren't half bad

if anyone ever told me i'd be pals with a vortigaunt

you waiting for somebody?


you'd better reload

bring it on


i don't like the looks of this

down you go


come on

get away from there

get outta the way

you're going down


here it comes!

hurry up

i'm with you buddy



let's do it

look out!

i haven't lost my touch

ohoh yeah



uh oh here they come

i need to get patched up

i'm hurt pretty bad

i know you will

nevermind me save yourselves

i'll see you there baby

so this is the combine portal it's smaller than i imagined

but where will you go?

















you have plunged humanity in to free fall

even if you offered your surrunder now

help ensure that humanity's trust in you is not misguided

they're shelling us


you can park the boat it'll be safe here

let's get a move on we gotta move out before they target us

you made it just in time we gotta clear outta here before we're discovered

we'd better hurry we gotta tear down this camp and get outta here

be careful now

we really can't afford to get noticed

better get going

he'll help you if you let him

we're just a lookout for the underground railroad

main station's right around the corner

they'll get you started on the right foot

guess those sirens are for you

come on in i'll show you what you're up against

i think he's just finishing up now

come on get in here

here take a look at this

be glad you're not the guy they're looking for

poor bastard doesn't stand a chance

sounds like they're calling in every cp unit in city 17

that was a close call thanks for your help

now they're flooding the areas up ahead with manhacks

you'd better get going before they sweep through here

you'd better get going now

thanks but i'll be ok

i've got to stay and help any stragglers

you go on

good luck out there

civil protection is on to us

we're tearing up the railroad covering our tracks

looks like you're gonna be the last one through

thanks for the help but you better get outta here

oh shit too late

you got here at a bad time

we got some ammo in those crates over there

we got word you were coming

help yourself to supplies and keep moving

did you realize your contract was open to the highest bidder?

that's all up to you my old friend

will you give your child a chance her mother never had?

what's this oh put it over there

guards get in here

you have my gratitude doctor

and then you deliver yourself?

i don't know what you can possibly hope to achieve

i warned you this was futile

i hope you said your farewells

if only you had harnessed your boundless energy for a useful purpose

i agree it's a total waste

this one has proven to be a fine pawn

i understand if you don't wish to discuss this in front of your friends

i'll send them on their way and then we can talk openly

impossible to describe with our limited vocabulary

oh shit

if you won't do the right thing for the good of all people

maybe you'll do it for one of them

thanks to you we have everything we need in that regard

you're more than qualified to finish his research yourself

if that's what it takes

you need me

don't struggle honey

don't worry about me

that's my girl

save them for what

is it really that time again?

i'm really not at liberty to say

in the meantime

this is where i get off

they're looking for your car

here come the dropships

right along there and watch your step

get your car in the barn

get your car in the garage

get off the road

incoming dropship

it's a gunship


park it there

you made it

you idiot walking on the sand brings antlions after you

you there

stop where you are stay on the rocks

no! help!

yeah good idea hold on a sec

patch him up and get him to the back as soon as he's stable

i'll radio ahead to let the next base know you're coming

who's hurt?

well that's that

i couldn't have asked for a finer volunteer

you'll make it through if anyone can

good to know you

you'd better get going


alright good you keep right on it



feel free to look around

dr. breen

i can't look


be careful!

forget about that thing

get it off me

get down outta sight

i'll come find you


hey hey he's back

i'm getting him outta there

well is he here?

you mean it's working?

for real this time?

i still have nightmares about that cat

i've gotta get back on my shift

but ok

yeah longer if we're lucky

and not a moment too soon

that's what you said last time

i can tell your mit education really pays for itself

i thought you got rid of that pest

there he is

there you are

here we go

get that thing away from me

what's the meaning of this?

who are you?

how did you get in here?

see for yourself

shut it down shut it down


there's a charger on the wall

dear me

well did it work?


right you are

speak to you again in a few moments

oh fiddlesticks what now

final sequence

you must get out of here


here my pet

no not up there




is lamarr with him?

lamarr there you are

careful lamarr those are quite fragile

conditions could hardly be more ideal

my goodness

it really is you isn't it?

your talents surpass your loveliness

oh dear

indeed it is

slip in to your suit now

i'm eager to see if your old suit still fits

then where is he?

what is it?

i wish i knew!

go on get going

well man that's good news

i almost gave you guys up for lost

i'll take all the help i can get

aw crap incoming!

so there you see?

it's not all hopeless

there's only one heady


aim for the head

guard yourself well

there you are at last

better than better

yes come to me come


i will end your torment

let me end your torment

yes my children it is i

come to the light i carry come

it is not me you want but the light that shines through me

come to the light

go quickly

hurry while i hold the gate

flee brother

onward to the mines

look out brother behind you

well done brother

stay close to me brother

out of my way

look out

stand aside brother

cover me brother

your assistance brother

over here brother

to me brother

i require your assistance brother

where art thou brother


careful brother

i am outnumbered

help me brother

i cannot fight them all alone

lend a hand brother

i need help brother

rest my child

i think no worse of thee

may the light of lights be with you

you meant no harm

be free my child

the grave holds nothing worse for you

i remember your true face

so again i am alone

my advice to you is aim for the head

here i have a more suitable gun for you


come closer


good now keep it close

they come

if you can hold them off i'm almost done here

stand back it's gonna blow

hey it's me open the door

what's the password?


come on in

ok come across

that damn thing haunts me

did you hear a cat just now?

hey come on

let's get going


help me!

is somebody up there?

damnit all

hey help me out here

well i'll be damned

and if you see dr. breen tell him i said fuck you


great i'll open this up

so much for stealth we've been spotted

we're surrounded

then let's go

uh oh dropships

hey let us outta here

let us thru!

let us through!

open the gate!

how dare you even mention her

alyx my dear you have your mother's eyes but your father's stubborn nature

it isn't necessary

he's dead

oh my god it's freeman

now what?

oh god

we're done for

i'm ganna be sick

should we bury him here?

what's the use?

what's the point?

this is bad

and things were going so well

don't tell me

please no

if you dare say that's gotta hurt i'll kill you

i had a feeling even he couldn't help us

spread the word

why go on?

well, now what?

well now what?

dibs on the suit

wait a second that's not gordon freeman

he's done this before he'll be ok

somebody take his crowbar

what a way to go

freeman is dead?

that's not freeman is it?

this can't be

he came a long way from black mesa

i thought he was invincible

so much for doctor freeman

so much for our last hope

it's not supposed to end like this

dr. freeman can you hear me? do not go in to the light

what now?

any last words doc?

gotta reload

heads up

take this medkit

here have a medkit

here patch yourself up

hello dr. freeman

i've got my little corner and i'm sticking to it