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Global Rules

NOTE: These Rules apply to every single server on rNd

1. Racism, xenohpobia, homphobia, sexism, or any other kind of unjustified hatred is NOT ALLOWED!

2. Any kind of hacks or name changers are NOT ALLOWED!

3. Sprays that are offensive or pornographic are NOT ALLOWED!

4. Acting heavily disrespectful towards others will NOT BE TOLERATED.

5. Chat spam is NOT ALLOWED!

6. Giving away personal information (Such as location, I.P. address etc) is NOT ALLOWED!

7. Impersonating other players is NOT ALLOWED!

8. Using anti-AFK methods(i.e. +forward, +left) to avoid the AFK kicker is NOT ALLOWED!

Main Servers

Wire Build Rules

1. Prop spamming is NOT ALLOWED!

2. Abusing E2 for malicious purposes is NOT ALLOWED!

3. Prop blocking will not be tolerated.

4. Ruining other people's contraptions is NOT ALLOWED!

5. Prop pushing is NOT ALLOWED!

Trouble in Terrorist Town Rules

1. Target RDM, revenge RDM or mass RDM (4+ RDM's in one round) is NOT ALLOWED!

2. Pre-round prop kill is frowned upon, but not kickable unless committed multiple times.

3. Players must do something(ie pull out a knife, plant c4, shoot or kill someone) before they can be suspected and killed. Killing a player at the start of the round before he has done anything is NOT ALLOWED!

4. Killing a detective as innocent unprovoked is kickable.

5. Intentionally killing or giving away the identity of a fellow traitor will be punished harshly.

6. Map glitching (i.e. going somewhere textures are missing or nobody can possibly get to you) is NOT ALLOWED unless you gain no advantage.

8. As a Traitor, giving a knife/other traitor weaponry to an Innocent on purpose is NOT ALLOWED!

9. Carrying explosive props around people when Innocent or Detective with intent to get them killed is frowned upon, and up to personal opinion of whichever VIP/Admin is present.


11. Possessing any kind of a prop to kill people is frowned upon, but allowed.

12. Killing a person for refusing to enter a traitor tester will count as regular RDM

13. Using map traps (i.e. the electric trap in ttt_whitehouse) to kill others is allowed, but using them to kill teammates is not.

14. Killing other players in any way that does not effect your karma unless it is a map trap is NOT ALLOWED!

15. Holding up the round on purpose is NOT ALLOWED!

16. Baiting other innocents into shooting you with an intent to make their karma go down is NOT ALLOWED!

17. Karma farming (ie going AFK in spectator mode to gain karma) is NOT ALLOWED!

18. Claiming rooms, territory, etc. is NOT ALLOWED!

19. Traitor baiting is dependent on the situation, but generally frowned upon. Up to each VIP/admin's personal judgement

Sled Build Rules

Fretta Rules

1. Holding up the round in any gamemode is NOT ALLOWED!

2. Abusing any glitches within the gamemode or map is NOT ALLOWED!

3. Killing yourself in deathrun when you're death is NOT ALLOWED!

4. Giving free runs in deathrun is NOT ALLOWED!

Winter Survival

1. Holding up the round on purpose is NOT ALLOWED!

2. Killing people when the round starts WITHOUT A GOOD REASON is NOT ALLOWED!

Zombie Survival Rules

1. Team killing in any way, no matter whether human or infected, is NOT ALLOWED!

2. Purposely breaking cades is not allowed unless it is with a very good reason.

3. Trapping people with props or a cade kit is NOT ALLOWED!

4. Using unbreakable props to cade is NOT ALLOWED!

5. Teleport blocking in any way will not be tolerated

6. Nailing down important parts needed to progress in the map (ie blue cores) is frowned upon and may be punished

7. Putting explosive barrels in front of people with the intent of killing them is NOT ALLOWED!

8. Glitching cade boards from the Aegis Barricade Kit so that the chems can not ignite/damage it is NOT ALLOWED!

9. Using a jeep as a zombie on deathgarage map to kill humans is Allowed!

10. Helping to the opposite team (ie a zombie helping out humans) is dependent on the situation, but generally frowned upon. Up to each VIP/admin's personal judgement

11. Getting behind the fence on anchor is NOT ALLOWED!

12. Getting on top of the map checkpoint is NOT ALLOWED!

13. Making a cade with indestructible props even when zombies can get through it is NOT ALLOWED!

14. Any glitches or ways of getting outside the map will not be tolerated

15. Spawn killing on maps with only one small exit or where it's possible to camp the spawn from a spot unreachable for zombies (best example: infected hospital) is NOT ALLOWED!

16. Using cade boards from the Aegis Barricade Kit to make a sky-cade/tree-house/isolated structure above the ground that cannot be hit from beneath by a normal zombie OR is ~256 units off the floor below is NOT ALLOWED!

17. Using large pools of water to avoid getting hit by the zombies is considered as delaying the round and is NOT ALLOWED!

Rotation Servers

Stronghold Rules

1. Spawn camping is allowed

2. Blocking map spawns is NOT ALLOWED!

3. Blocking portable spawns is allowed

4. Glitching yourself through a prop and being able to shoot when only your head is sticking out AKA crouch glitch AKA prop exploit is NOT ALLOWED!

5. Using props to get into high places such as buildings or when raiding other bases is allowed

6. Money farming (when your friend lets you kill him so you gain money or vice versa) is NOT ALLOWED!

Green Shift Rules

1. Do not cheat.

2. Do not break Rule 1.

Counter-Strike Source Rules


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