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Budget Program
« on: July 12, 2012, 09:00:35 PM »
It recently occurred to me, despite making decent money, I never seemed to have any in an emergency. So, I took a look to see where all the money was going and i was like DAFUQ, my spending is out of control. So i started designing a program that would help me budget. Basically I set a limit for a certain thing for the month, such as gas, food, and the big one, Miscellaneous. Lmao. Just to give you an example, I bought 4 grand worth of magnets the other day for 50 bucks because they where being liquidated. So now I have a thousand magnets laying around, sticking to everything possible in my room. LOL they are fun but kind of useless. but anyway... Yeah. Also court fee's. I got into some trouble a little while back, which was partly why I wasn't around  lol. Rent falls under Misc. This budget is based bi-weekly, because I get paid bi-weekly. In fact I get paid in 2 hours and 15 minutes (midnight lol), so I officially start the budget then. I put 100 intp savings every check. Been doing so. Know my savings balance? $0.00. I crashed my motorcycle recently, and it all went byebye on repairs and medical bills lol.


If you know Visual, not just know of it or can design a program in it, but can actually code decently good in it, can you take a look at my source and tell me what you think? I am learning programming. Have been. It is an ongoing process...