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plugs easy + advanced(tutorial)
« on: September 18, 2010, 03:07:07 PM »

in this tutorial ill be showing how to make an advanced plug system and an easy trigger for certain objects. for simple one skip all the first stuph.

and this is my conclusion, dont try to do this you will screw something up and get all pissy, heres the vmf. You can use this counter for whatever your doing but not the building. you can use the fence if you want but  I wouldnt recommend it since it takes along time to compile even for short maps like this.

heres what it looks like

with this math_counter entity you can choose whatever you want to happen when all 3 plugs are in. mine an alarm sounds and the lol sign rises 500 inches into the air.

Simple Trigger With Filter
this is a smple one, very easy to do. firs mae a doll or melon it doesn rly matter but for this one were using a doll. name it stupid_baby_doll.

next make a trigger box with the trigger texture applied. tie it to trigger_multiple entity.

put this output in
 on start touch/ stupid_baby_doll_filter/ Test activator/

make sure only physics objects is tagged in the flags tab.

place a filter_activator_name and give it the following options.
name: stupid_baby_doll_filter
filter name: stupid_baby_doll

put in this output
onpass/ lol_sign_durp/ open

name the sign lol_sign_durp

make sure nothing is checked in the flags tab.

and there you have it. Ingame only that doll will trigger the sign. nothing else will, even another doll.

or a melon...

have fun hope this tut halped. +1 cheer if you liked this!
▲▲Big thanks to Marie for this awesome sprite! :3

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Re: plugs easy + advanced(tutorial)
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2011, 06:56:38 PM »
Pretty neat. May use it on my first map.


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