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shadow problem fix (tutorial)
« on: September 18, 2010, 03:05:48 PM »

some of you mappers may have noticed that your prop shadows may be upside down, its very simple to fix and ill show you how.

Ive mad a map just for this so here are pics, in this first one you can see the light_environment for the militia_hdr skybox(note these settings are correct)
heres the lnik to the valve skytexture list where you can find all skybox textures and recommended lighting for them.

here is the bad shadow_control, the pitch is a negative making your shadows go up instead of down :(


now here is the correctway, for the pitch (-60) just get rid of the negtive then hit apply. so now it should be 60. voila, your shadows look amazing.


This concludes of my tutorial for making you shadows look nice. I bet i know what your thinking ":O why fence and grateshadow look realistic?"

You can do that by placing blocklights precisely and tuning down the lightmap scale all the way down to one. ??? However thats another tutorial. kthxbye.
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▲▲Big thanks to Marie for this awesome sprite! :3

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