Author Topic: Transferring PS3 Memory without formatting (Broken PS3 memory to New PS3)  (Read 71 times)

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Hello, my dad and I am having trouble swapping memories between two PS3s. We are trying to get the memory from the broken PS3 into a spare one given to us. We were able to get the memory out and stuff but when we try to put in the old memory into the spare we have to do something called "formatting", which basically deletes all the memory we have on it. We are trying to avoid this, but since our old PS3 is broken we cannot back it up and save the memory for after the formatting. My dad has looked thoroughly for ways to keep the memory and avoid formatting. Some obvious choices like putting the memory into a computer and backing it up there don't work. If you have a solution, please post it here. I greatly appreciate your help, thanks.

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