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Wiki Contribution
« on: December 30, 2011, 08:23:21 PM »
If you didn't get the PM or forgot about this and don't already have an rNd Wiki account, plz read belowz:

Here's a brief explanation of intended purpose of wiki and w/e

I left your guides/etc. alone as I do not know how you would want to restructure them when copying over.

I hope to remove all the useful information, not actual discussion, usually stickied threads or guides, from the forum.. so the forum can be a forum for discussion and the wiki can be an information reference.

SOME of these threads might be borderline.. however I'd prefer the majority to go to the wiki anyway. However, forum FAQ (in help section by yomo) and forum rules are exempt from this.. they are overall better forum specific. But server connection info (already copied over) isn't, etc.

I wouldn't necessarily delete threads just unsticky them and make references to the wiki post where necessary.

Obviously some things need development, moving around, w/e as things get switched over so if you see something just go for it. Most anything can be changed later so don't stress too much over what needs to be where and contact me if you can't figure it out or for any other questions.

Also, please make sure to post a small change message each edit or post!

So just PM me with your username of choice, I'll generate your login info, and then you can login and change your password after I PM you back.
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