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2015-12-14 | 22:16 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hey everybody!

I have not posted on the front page in quite some time, despite many changes I have logged for the servers, website, and other stuff.

This announcement is to notify people who read this that the site is undergoing a change that will happen in multiple stages.

For more information you can read the announcement thread on the forums.

More importantly, our winter raffle is coming up, this is going to be the last one so be sure to stop by! I'm going to post a thread on the forums soon, so keep a look out for that.

*Edit: Winter Raffle Update: Check out this thread ( https://forum.randomgs.com/index.php?topic=18227.msg229538#msg229538 ) for more information!

*Edit 2: Winter Raffle Results: Check out this thread ( https://forum.randomgs.com/index.php?topic=18227.msg229651#msg229651 ) for more information!

Anyway guys, thanks for being awesome and making rNd fun!

2014-09-25 | 09:07 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Garry's Mod Server IP Change:

Just a reminder that the Garry's Mod server IP's have changed.

Most have been using random.teh-server.com so they are already aware. (I recommend that)

Other servers were not effected.

Game Servers' IP Address:
Recommended to use random.teh-server.com

Happy Fall Season :)

2014-04-28 | 12:52 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Garry's Mod Server IP Change:

Just a reminder that the Garry's Mod server IP's have changed.

Most have been using random.teh-server.com so they are already aware. (I recommend that)

Other servers were not effected.

Game Servers' IP Address:
Recommended to use random.teh-server.com

Haz a greeat weekz :D

2014-04-25 | 22:20 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Garry's Mod Server Downtime: Friday 10PM - Saturday 10AM (PST)

Hey everyone, this is just a quick update regarding the Garry's Mod servers being offline.

Downtime (PST):
Start: 25/04/2014 10PM
End: 26/04/2014 10AM

Servers should resume at 10AM this Saturday after the downtime.

Only the Garry's Mod servers will be affected; other servers, including TeamSpeak and the website, will stay online.

Game Servers' IP Address:
Recommended to use random.teh-server.com

Hope your daz iz zagnipz :D

2014-04-08 | 19:00 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Garry's Mod Server Downtime: Wednesday 10PM - Thursday 10PM (PST)

Hey everyone, this is just a quick update regarding the Garry's Mod servers being offline.

Downtime (PST):
Start: 09/04/2014 10PM
End: 10/04/2014 10PM

Servers should resume at 10PM this Thursday after the downtime.

Only the Garry's Mod servers will be affected; other servers, including TeamSpeak and the website, will stay online.

Game Servers' IP Address:
Recommended to use random.teh-server.com

Hope your day is going well :D

2013-12-30 | 14:11 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hybrid Server Online - TTT and Zombie Survival

Hey guys, so I had some time and decided to make it possible for us to have hybrid servers and maximize the games we can play on them!

The former TTT server now hosts both TTT and our Zombie Survival.

At the end of each round everyone will be able to decide on which game to play next.

This also means that we can have more than just two full games on that server!

If you are interested I recommend going to check it out and tell me what you think here ( http://forum.randomgs.com/index.php?topic=17075.0 ).

Server: random.teh-server.com:27019

And, as always, if you have any bugs please report them to the bug forum here ( http://forum.randomgs.com/index.php?board=59.0 ).

Game Servers' IP Address:
Recommended to use random.teh-server.com

Happy holidays, have fun, and enjoy :)

2013-09-09 | 23:58 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
AnonyBoard is back, Stop it Slender! is now on Fretta, global chat is now active, and player stats profiles are online!

AnonyBoard v2 is now live with many changes and an entirely new base than before. You can read more about it and how to post here ( http://forum.randomgs.com/index.php?topic=16719.msg219276 ).

Stop it Slender! is also now live on the Fretta server. There maybe balancing issues and bugs so please remember to report them here ( http://forum.randomgs.com/index.php?board=59.0 ).

Global chat is now active as well. To speak instantly to players across other servers with global chat just type /g I like Pingaz in the chat.

You can now view player stats profiles by clicking the image under the profile section in the main list like this one ( http://stats.randomgs.com/profile.php?id=3 ). If you would like to link your account to the forums for a more complete profile please read this ( http://forum.randomgs.com/index.php?topic=16682.msg219100 ).

There is also a weekly poll on the forum's main page when you login if you haven't noticed already.

Game Servers' IP Address:
Recommended to use random.teh-server.com

Thanks a lot guys and pingazettez, haz phunz

2013-07-13 | 04:01 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Teamspeak server migration: Use ( randomgs.com ) Update your bookmarks!

<02:41:36> "Magic": Hey guise, server is moving to new server right now so rejoin at dis url: <pingas> in about 5 minz -coolz
<02:42:12> "Moo": nigga, shits movin to new shit... if u wanna get on this shit rejoin later -dick

Game Servers' IP Address:
Recommended to use random.teh-server.com

See you guys in teh servarz and as always, haz fun! zagnipplingaz

2013-06-24 | 00:14 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Server domain/URL change, Update TS3 and bookmarks!

I have decided to move away from the old dontexist domain as it is in the hands of a company who continues to be a burden so... we are moving to teh-server!

While the dontexist domain has been around for quite some time I think the transition to the new URL will go fairly well.

Recommended to use random.teh-server.com

See you guys in teh servarz and as always, have fun! zagnipplez

2013-06-05 | 07:29 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Garry's Mod Crucial Update!

Hey guys, Garry's Mod has officially been converted to the new steampipe format. There is also a linux client available now and fairly playable!

The important news: The servers are all ready to go, I spent some time before hand making sure we would be A-OK at launch.

What you need to do: You need to update your Garry's Mod client; keep in mind that you should backup any important mods or data before doing so as the update process is not guaranteed to migrate all the information.

How you do it: Launch the client and accept the upgrade message to allow the conversion to the steampipe format. If you have trouble launching or connecting to servers after it updates, right click on the game and go to the game properties in steam. Then validate integrity of game cache under the Local Files tab.

Additional steps: To run most maps you'll need to convert Counter-Strike: Source over to the steampipe format as well using the same steps as Garry's Mod. I recommend also converting Team Fortress 2, Day of Defeat: Source, and Half-Life 2: Multiplayer as well using the same process so you can mount the content in the game ( bottom right game controller ). Other games will update eventually ( like Half-Life 2: Episode 2 which is now in beta steampipe ) which you will want to keep updated as well.

Once that is checked feel free to play on the servers!

Additional News! I am now hosting the game "Morbus" on random.dontexist.com:27030. I used to host an older version of this game years ago for rNd but this one is much more polished and looks like it will be a fun game to play with you guys! No extra steps required to join ( if you have CSS already mounted ).

Recommended to use random.dontexist.com

See you guys in there and as always, have fun! zagnipplez

2013-04-15 | 10:53 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hey guys, servers rerouted to new location.

If you were using random.dontexist.com then you shouldn't have to do anything.

However if you were using the old IP ( ) then you will need to update it to the new IP ( ).

Recommended to use random.dontexist.com

Have a great awesome super kewl dayz! :)

2013-03-18 | 08:20 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hey zagnipz and zagnipplez!

I have been working on the stats system for a little over a week now and I am happy to say it is now running on the Garry's Mod servers! Next time you join a server you should be prompted with the rules, information, account registration, and the logging setting.

I am still adding things, however I believe enough functionality is available to start collecting the stats. I doubt I will need to reset the stats at this point however it could still become possible. If you find any bugs please PM me or post them in the bugs section ( http://forum.randomgs.com/index.php/board,59.0.html ).

You can view the stats here ( http://stats.randomgs.com/ ) or from the navigation menus on the front site. Keep in mind this system is opt-in so you must enable logging if you wish to see your stats on the stats page. You can opt out of logging or any other server settings through the !settings menu in game. Soon player profiles and settings will be accessible on the website as well. If you do not see your information being logged after enabling it please rejoin to see if it starts.

Thanks for reading and have a good one!

P.S. Happy belated St. Patricks day for those who celebrate!

Recommended to use random.dontexist.com

Have a great awesome super kewl dayz of teh marchz! :)

2013-01-04 | 17:02 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hey peepz and peepettez! :3

Zambie survival server open for public beta test: ( random.dontexist.com:27025 )

Please report any bugs you find here: ( http://forum.randomgs.com/index.php/board,59.0.html ) Thank you and enjoy! :D

If you don't know already I am running the servers 24/7 for the holidays! Hope you guys are enjoying it! :3

Happy holidays and have a great new year guys!

Recommended to use random.dontexist.com

Have a great awesome kewl dayz of teh new jearz! c:

2012-12-30 | 14:54 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hey everyone, some small downtime today as some stuff gets moved around.

Should be back up in a few hours.

If you don't know already I am running the servers 24/7 for the holidays! Hope you guys are enjoying it! :3

Happy holidays and have a great new year guys!

Recommended to use random.dontexist.com

Have a great awesome kewl dayz of teh new jearz! c:

2012-11-22 | 03:06 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Congratulations to Deacon and Alkaline on getting admin and happy Thanksgiving in the USA! :)

I am happy to announce we now have two new admins ( Deacon and Alkaline ) that have willingly joined our Administration Team!

Both have been extremely loyal, active, helpful, and have contributed in some way to the community for awhile now. Many people have also vouched for them to become admin for some time and view these promotions as long overdue. ;)

In celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday I will be running the servers 24/7 for the duration of the day!

Recommended to use random.dontexist.com

Have a great awesome kewl turkeyingaz day! c:

2012-11-16 | 14:23 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
rNd Community Event! :D

For the entire weekend I am going to host the servers 24/7 with a community password.

If you would like to play the password is on the forums!

You are free to give it to your friends and what have you.

If you haven't registered you should take some time and check out the forums and maybe post a small introduction. :)

This event starts at 15:00 PST Today, Nov. 16 and ends at 23:59 PST Sunday, Nov. 18.

Recommended to use random.dontexist.com

Have a great awesome kewl vagingazingaz day! c:

2012-10-31 | 03:53 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Happy Halloween everyone! :D

Check out snivy's halloween movie stream! http://www.justin.tv/deathward

Also, working on the servers still; things are going smoothly.

I fink we might do soemfing for Halloween today, maybe a group video and have people show off some costumes or a pumpkin or somefing if they are interested.

Recommended to use random.dontexist.com

Have a great awesome splendid halloweenie vagingazingaz day! c:

2012-10-21 | 13:50 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Unexpected power shizzingle today, New IP address!

I know you all should be using the random.dontexist.com, however steam history, favorites, and other things don't like storing dynamic addresses... bishes.

STRONGHOLD is now running at random.dontexist.com:27030.
Also! Check out PEDOBEAR on the FRETTA server! random.dontexist.com:27016 because there are way more characters to chase you some which are probably more familiar than others thanks to Deacon's suggestion! Read More: http://forum.randomgs.com/index.php/topic,14145.0.html

Recommended to use random.dontexist.com

Have a great awesome splendid vagingazingaz day! c:

2012-10-18 | 03:00 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
** Warning: Maintenance on all servers. Return ETA 20:00 GMT **

Hey guys! STRONGHOLD is now running at random.dontexist.com:27030 replacing the newer ZS server for right now.
Also! Check out PEDOBEAR on the FRETTA server! random.dontexist.com:27016
Thanks to Deacon's wonderful suggestion, I implemented some more characters to chase you - read more about that change here: http://forum.randomgs.com/index.php/topic,14145.0.html

Recommended to use random.dontexist.com

Have a great awesome splendid vagingaz day! c:

2012-10-08 | 18:24 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hey guys! STRONGHOLD is now running at random.dontexist.com:27030 replacing the newer ZS server for right now.
Also! Check out PEDOBEAR on the FRETTA server! random.dontexist.com:27016
Thanks to Deacon's wonderful suggestion, I implemented some more characters to chase you - read more about that change here: http://forum.randomgs.com/index.php/topic,14145.0.html

Recommended to use random.dontexist.com

Have a great awesome splendid vagingaz day! c:

2012-09-22 | 02:20 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hey everybody! Apparently there have been issues with the sound in the Garry's Mod client ever since the last two engine updates. We will have to wait for a proper fix to see things back to normal.

Also! Please check out PEDOBEAR on the FRETTA server! random.dontexist.com:27016
Thanks to Deacon's wonderful suggestion, I implemented some more characters to chase you - read more about that change here: http://forum.randomgs.com/index.php/topic,14145.0.html

Recommended to use random.dontexist.com

Have a great awesome splendid pingas day! c:

2012-09-07 | 15:24 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hey everyone, apparently if you put the command "vgui_allowhtml 0" into your Garry's Mod console before connecting you should be able to join servers!
I am going to launch the servers shortly.

Recommended to use random.dontexist.com

Hope joo are hazing fun wif pingazzz! :3

2012-09-07 | 13:02 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hai gaiz, turns out the latest source engine update of optimizationz broke the Garry's Mod client. I am just going to leave the servers off until we see an update for the client.. which may be as late as Tuesday, Sept. 11 when Garry gets back from Egypt.

Recommended to use random.dontexist.com

Hope joo are hazing fun wif pingazzz! :3

2012-09-04 | 14:27 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Network maintenance is over and servers are online!

Recommended to use random.dontexist.com

Good luck, have fun, and have a happy zagnip day! :O

2012-09-02 | 14:30 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
The servers are down for network maintenance! Servers should be online by Wednesday, September 5th.

Recommended to use random.dontexist.com

Official rNd Merchandise
Main --> ** ZAZZLE: HERE **
Other --> ** CAFEPRESS: HERE **

Good luck, have fun, and have a happy zagnip day! :O


2013-08-20 | 02:24 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
14 games now available on the fretta server including: bombtag, freezetag, poltergeist, game master, trembling tiles, ultimate chimera hunt, and zombie onslaught!

I hope you enjoy them, various fixes have been applied to fretta as well.

Also, in the fretta server you can no longer vote for the same gamemode that was just played, no more spamming prop hunt!

Various serverside enhancements and fixes were applied as well.

Anyway, remember to continue to report bugs and issues - thanks to all those people who have and thanks again to the testers!

Peace out biznatchingaz

2013-08-13 | 02:39 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Today I held a poll to see what gamemode the majority would like to try out on the rotation server.

People wanted a variety of things but most wanted to see Fretta back.

So I converted deathrun, garryware, pedobear escape, prop hunt, sniperwars, and stalker over yesterday, thanks to my testers you know who joo are.

Check it out: random.teh-server.com:27030

I'll be holding one of these polls every now and then to switch up games.

Remember to report bugs if you find them! Enjoy pingazez and pingazettez :3

ttt_minecraft updated to version b5 ( thanks to blah2355 for suggesting )
ttt_rooftops updated to a2_f1 ( thanks to bombsquad for suggesting )

2013-08-11 | 13:27 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Lots and lots of bugs fixed all around!

More materials back on Wire Build, thanks to Tech for helping.
In TTT, dm_richs_apt now has c4 disabled to prevent crashing, some sounds are fixed, and map revote blacklist has been redone and works all the time. No more 9000 sequential games of compound. Rounds are now back to 6 per map and 60 minutes as well.

I have now made it possible to enable damage log saving after every round, to do this type ttt_clients_save_damagelog 1 in console and make a folder in your Garry's Mod data folder named 'ttt' and a folder in that named 'logs' - that is where they will be saved after every round. Make sure to open the logs with wordpad or some other program that recognizes new lines - any modern editor works, just avoid notepad.

I have reduced the amount of servers I host, mainly because it's not smart to host servers that sit there empty.

While there may be changes to that in the future do not expect any more than the amount hosted currently.

There are also concerns about the Minecraft server. All the data is as it was and will be ready to go if ever the opportunity comes up again. However, the resources for the FTB server were quite demanding and I think it was reasonable to host 3 games of Garry's Mod that people play than a single heavy demand Minecraft server that people easily lose interest in.

Now, at some times it may be possible to organize an event where I would host another server for the day or something along those lines.

Hope all is well and your season is going along smoothly.

2013-07-15 | 15:36 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hey guys, just a small news update.

I got the Left 4 Dead 2 server updated and tank mod seems to work flawlessly - even crazier than before. Tanks spawning right in front of you etc.

Also, Teamspeak and website work is done now so we should resume uptime.

There will be more changes coming up in the next month or so and I will update this to inform you all on the progress.

Thanks for reading and haz a good onez.

2013-03-22 | 04:35 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hey guys! (Zombie Survival Server Update)

For those who have Zombie Survival (ZS) already downloaded I have a kewl announcement!

I worked through many of the bugs and it should be relatively more playable now (Damage Fixes, Gameplay Fixes, Movement Fixes, Animation Fixes).

I spent some time so I could get it up for the weekend, so please enjoy it!

Also, while it worked well for a few people I did not have a chance to test it with a full server so please report any bugs you find here ( http://forum.randomgs.com/index.php/board,59.0.html ).

Thanks to Prox for helping me adjust the weapon damages in detail.
Thanks for Ruben for providing other ideas for some of the problems.
Thanks to Moo for helping test at 5am :D
Thanks to Minic for helping come up with more ideas as to the origin of some problems.
Thanks to all who enjoy and play ZS!

By the way, for those of you who didn't know already, alltalk is enabled and functional on ZS.

Also, the downloading compressed custom content bug should be fixed next update according to Garry which will allow more new people to join the ZS and Stronghold servers, and also means custom weapons will work again for TTT.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy! Have a tasty BRAINZ :3

2012-11-12 | 16:03 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Server status update!

Garry currently broke the Garry's Mod client for the majority of people with the latest update. He managed to fix the linux server binaries though so that is a good thing. However, this means that you will have to wait until he sends Valve a patch to fix that which could take until tomorrow or more depending on when he pushes it.

Aside from that, I have gotten some stuff done with the servers since the last update.

First of all I managed to get the majority of the Wire server's tools to work and did some menu organization. Thanks to Tech for helping me test them.

Second of all I wrote an rtv script for the servers so now you can vote to change the map or extend the map's play time depending on the server. This is currently tested on both the Stronghold and TTT servers. Thanks to Moo for helping me test this. Type 'rtv' or 'rtve' to start a vote for a map change or map time extension respectively.

Also, if you are interested in DayZ some rNd memebers have teamed up and are currently playing together on ts3. Read more about that here ( http://forum.randomgs.com/index.php/topic,14640.0.html )

Thanks for reading and hope everything else is going well with joor pingasez!

2012-11-06 | 05:04 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hey guys, time to update you on the server status.

Wire Build is up with wire, advanced duplicator 1 and 2, some tools, and is stable.
I am going to go through the unsupported tool collection once I get through converting the other servers' gamemodes.
Server IP: random.dontexist.com:27015

Trouble in Terrorist Town is up and stable thanks to the original developer working to keep it compatible.
There is a glitch with the weapons occasionally and is happening in all gamemodes (I believe only on dedicated server).
This is a bug with Garry's Mod and it has been reported to Garry.
However, thanks to Minic most of the game breaking functionality is corrected the majority of the time! :)
Server IP: random.dontexist.com:27019

Stronghold has just been converted and is stable.
I spent the last two days converting the gamemode and play tested it a bit already with Xrain and Mr. Franklin.
If you do encounter any issues or something unusual please do report it as with anything in the servers or website.
Server IP: random.dontexist.com:27030

Keep in mind nothing is 100% right now and is all considered in active development so please report bugs you find so they can be fixed! :)
Report a bug here: http://forum.randomgs.com/index.php/board,59.0.html

Thanks and I hope you are doing well. :3

2012-10-23 | 13:26 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Well, today ( October 23rd ) is the last day to play regular Garry's Mod as tomorrow Garry officially releases Garry's Mod 13 replacing the current version ( You can read about that here http://garrysmod.com/post/31463154122/gmod-13-october-24th ).

I encourage everyone to play the servers they like the most before the switch. The newest version is still actively being worked on, changed, and its documentation developed. Because of this not all systems are easy to migrate to the new methods. I will continue to put effort into doing so as time allots.

If you know, the current Garry's Mod switched to the toybox system awhile ago for easy in-game downloading of mods. Garry's Mod 13 changed that system to the steam workshop system provided by valve. Fortunately, Garry decided to setup a torrent of all the toybox data ( addons, maps, etc. ) which you can read more about here ( http://garry.tv/post/34158472220/toybox-torrent ). While the full torrent size is around 36 GB, torrents allow you to specify which files to download allowing you to get content you want from the torrent without burdening your harddrive. It will probably need seeders ( people who download everything and continue to upload it ) to stay alive so that is something to consider if you would like to help.

Thanks for understanding and being apart of this community!

2012-01-23 | 12:27 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hey peeps and peepettes, here is some news updatez

[=TT=] group (Teletubby Team) affiliations
* Added Wiki *
Snivy promoted to admin

[Wire] svn updates/tool additions by tech
[Wire] piston tool removed from propeller pack (tech)
[Wire] adv dupe 2 updated
[Zombie Surival] specator mode added
[Zombie Surival] fixes for zs_deception_v2 *remove party_motor1-4 ents
[Wire] 450 advdupe2 constraints allowed instead 300
[Rotation 1] 1.11 greenshift update
[Zombie Surival] votemap top 1 click vote fixed
[Zombie Surival] spectate fixed
[Rotation 2] spectate fixed
[fretta] holdtype code updated *thx snivy notice
[TTT] mosin weapon added *thx deacon
[TTT] removed highlighting admins in scoreboard
[all] shortened vip vote time and removed advert
[Rotation 2] fixed missing urls
[Zombie Surival] hud now with armour
[Rotation 1] Elevator:Source replaces greenshift
[Rotation 1] Updates and added elev_top command to skip to top

zs_deception_v2 *cable
sh_yard_08_sunset *ep2 problem floor
dm_richs_apt2beta replaces dm_richland
ttt_conspiracy *replaced later
ttt_cloverfield_b4 replaces ttt_cloverfield_b2 *thx ChaosEternal
ttt_amsterville_final2 replaces ttt_amsterville_rc2fix *thx ChaosEternal
ttt_thething_b4 replaces ttt_thething_b3fix *thx ChaosEternal


And probably other news I forgot,
Happy holidays!

2011-11-13 | 03:13 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hi all, first of all... congrats to 3 new admins! Don, Hotgreen, and Sabb are now part of the Administration Team :)

Here are some changes... (some old news I didn't post yet)

[Wire] Updated wire/acf svn
[Wire] Fallen's build tools added
[Wire] fangrass skybox materials fixed
[Wire] Adv Dupe 2 Uploaded and Updated
[TTT] Added 6 guns (thx 2 deacon)
[TTT] Increased player count to 18 and tweaked T/D ratios
[Winter Survival] Added quick Diamond block recipe
[Rotation 1] Green Shift replaces Stranded
[Rotation 1] Nurphed recoil for m249
[Rotation 1] Shows content pack URL on join
[Rotation 1] Updated de_nuke points (thx smasters)
[Rotation 1] Integrated 1.0.5 update without perks
[Rotation 1] Updated to latest 1.0.8 with steamid mod only / more maps in maplist - team deathmatch too --dust, etc
[Rotation 2] Table Flippers is now Rotation (Stronghold)
[Rotation 2] Added Mac10 and Mac11 (thx 2 Snivy)
[Rotation 2] Stronghold svn updates
[Rotation 2] Standalone spectator mode added (thx deacon for testing)
[Rotations] Updated to newer loading screens
[Zombie Surival] Temporarily removed Wave indicator in game description as new engine seems to have broken hook
[All-GMod] Added 7 second delay for everyone for chat sounds **fixed first chat of join not showing
[All-GMod] Fixed player count oversaturation with reserved slots
[All-GMod] Fixed Team/Dead in chat showing up
[All-GMod] Source Engine Updates / GMod Updates | file traversal fixes
[All-GMod] Updated Affiliations
[All-GMod] Shortened server titles to fit new name spacing guidelines
[All-GMod] Fixed tags breaking at certain times
[Vanilla] Converted to 3rd party game rotation non gmod, ZPS now running
[Vanilla] No Room Left In Hell now running

rp_cscdesert_v2-1_night *wirebuild
zs_infected_turbine *cable
zs_yctransit *replaces zs_transit


And probably other news I forgot,
Happy holidays!

2011-09-10 | 19:35 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hiya, updatin you on stuph that's gone on since the last update

[All-GMod] Chat to sound added
[All-GMod] Prevented some exploits on the servers
[All-GMod] Fixed old votekick/ban url still being showed sometimes [thx yomo]
[All-GMod] Updated 3 new affiliates and removed offline jp affiliates
[All-GMod] Added another check to prevent player slot overload
[Rotation] Stranded replaces TF2 Arena
[Rotation] Stranded Fixes and Added Features:

-process bug
-build and sleep bug
-planting bug
-reload hud with (f4)
-broken prop protection
-help menu showing
-cabinet dupe glitch
-cabinet drop error
-some tool exploits
-!stop and stacker issues

Added Features:
-pingaz miner/woodchoppa classes
-wooden spoon spawns at certain harvesting level
-ginosaji class with unlocks
-admin props now cleanup as well
-hammer for weapon crafting
-gui menu for joining custom teams
-!stop / !stuck commands
-storage cabinet
-fire kindler for smelting
-readded factory

[TTT] Karma saving again [thx minic]
[Flood] Player props removed on death
[ZS] Added number played for each map and sort by least played maps for votemap
[ZS] Clicking on map already voted will vote for that map
[Wire] Holograms any model enabled
[Forum] Upgrades and user pruning / optimizing
[Table Flippers] Now online in place of Flood for now

Maps Added:

Maps Removed:
ttt_gunkanjima_beta_v3 *replaced by ttt_gunkanjima
zs_pac-man to zs_pacman_v3

Be sure to check out table flippers if you feel like letting off some steam on tables :)

peace, coolz

2011-07-16 | 15:30 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Pingas pingas pingas pingas pingas pingas.. ohai!
Here's a site update for ya guyz :)

Updated Garry's Mod and Team Fortress 2 a couple times.

[Zombie Survival] Fixed some vgui layouts
[Zombie Survival] Fixed missing texture on Poison Zambie
[Zombie Survival] Animation error spam fixed from a Garry's Mod Update
[Zombie Survival] Death Garage is back (thx 2 vphysics patch for vehicles from azuisleet)
[Zombie Survival] Removed smg spawners on Chambers

[Wire Build] Wheel2 added (uses wire)
[Wire Build] New default map is freespace revolution with some edits
[Wire Build] Updated engine sounds txt (tech)
[Wire Build] SVN updates - mainly wire
[Wire Build] New ACF weapons by Tech [30mm Machinegun, etc.]

[Fretta] Gamemaster rounds reduced (suggested by yomo)
[Fretta] TremblingTiles rounds reduced (suggested by yomo)

[Trouble in Terrorist Town] AFK kicker reenabled by popular vote - Maximum of 10 minutes

[All] Updated hayashi affiliate's server URL
[All] cs_militia props fixed (bar, bar stool, etc.)
[All] Global chat spam prevention
[All] Vehicles now allowed due to awesome vphysics patch from azuisleet!
[All] Join and leave messages containing steamid [Player X (Steam_0:0:1234) Joined/Left!]
[All] Reserved slot system now allows 1 slot for VIP as well as Admin.

Also, I'd like to welcome 4 new admins to rNd.
Please give your attention to Jman, Peetah, Tech, and Yomogimochi.. they all more than deserve it ;P

I'd also like to take a moment and thank the current administration team for all their constant effort and dedication to making this community fun to be with.
Please don't hesitate to thank your admins and VIP's occasionally and maybe give them a small ego boost ;)

Also, a big thank you to our players old and new. Thank you for being with us here at rNd and I hope to continue to see you having fun in our community.
You are what makes us a community and what makes us rNd.

Enough sentiment, have fun guys :)

Maps added:

Maps removed:
dm_richs_apt2beta *replaced by dm_richland

P.S. Sorry about the extended downtime, I was in a location without the ability to update the servers for quite some time.
Thank you again for your patience :)

2011-06-04 | 21:30 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
TF2 is now both Payload and Arena!
All the Garry's Mod servers now have a super cool loading page *thx 2 yomogimochi for his very nice work :)

Dancing Troll added to pedo chase
Pedo Priest added to pedo chase
Wirebuild svns updated
TF2 updated over 9000 times

[Flood] Prop values updated -> thx 2 Jman for doing all the new lists :)
[Flood] Weapons menu fix
[Flood] Updated help
[Flood] Prop healer now enabled for teams in fight round
[Flood] Nail delay added
[Flood] Help now shows by default on first spawn
[Flood] Fixed some (useless) client exploits
[Flood] Hud updated
[Flood] Server message system updated
[Flood] Added more team balancer checks
[Flood] Added some team changer checks

Maps added:
zm_roy_the_ship * later removed

Maps removed:
ttt_xmas_apehouse * due to server crash
fm_rnd_v2 * server would crash intermittenly on explosion

Apologies for anything else I have forgotten!

Enjoy and have fun,

2011-04-28 | 12:12 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Watap guys, bout time I updated ya -

The servers were updated 3 times with all the GMod updates..
TTT base was updated to the latest branch 3 times..
Updated Wire Build SVNs including Wire (4 times), Wenlis Tools, and ACF..
Holo errors on wirebuild were fixed..
ACF errors on wirebuild were fixed..
Critiqued downloads and there should be less issues downloading required files on all servers now..
I've been workin on a few projects and things as well so stay updated :)

Maps added:
//Zombie Survival
zs_broken_road_v1 **later removed for v2
//Trouble in Terrorist Town

Maps removed:
//Zombie Survival
1me_deathgarage_sse_v1_3 **thx2valveshit
//Trouble in Terrorist Town
ttt_crummycradle_a4 **removed for b1

Hope you have fun like always.. that's what it's all about ;)

2011-03-23 | 13:35 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hey guyz, quick updatez!

Minor rNd Files fixes/changes.
Removed ttt_wickeds_home (thx 2 jim for report!).
Added then removed zs_chambers_v5 (v6 coming!).
Added Fretta gamemode vote limit: Cannot vote for any gamemode played within the last five rounds (thx minic for hook).
Added Fretta/TTT map vote limit: Cannot vote for any map played within the last five rounds (thx minic for hook).

Note: The updated Japan stream officially at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nhk-world-tv !

Has great dai!

2011-03-17 | 14:53 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hope you wore green foolz! ;)

Explosive props blocked on both Sledbuild and RP (thx tomcat).
Multiple Advanced Duplicator issues fixed on Wirebuild (thx 2 tech/peetah for reports and tech for testing!).
Reenabled Expression 2 extensions after GMod update.
Zombie Onslaught removed from Fretta.
Smaster's Surf gamemode added to Fretta!
Multiple GMod updates applied.
Multiple TTT stock updates applied.
Certain security fixes on the servers (thx minic)
IP location updated on sourcebans and servers
Added around 120+ surf maps to Fretta (thx xrain)
Laser Dance and Tactical Assault gamemodes removed from fretta (thx 2 jim for reports)
Sourcebans security updates
Minor site updates

Added Maps:
zs_bunker_v4 -> zs_bunker_v5
(thx 2 magic for uploadin all those maps for ya gaiz)

Removed Maps:
surf_adverse (thx 2 jim for report)

rNd Files service online -- Check it out here! http://files.randomgs.com/

Apologies for any extended downtime
Thanks again for everyone who donates their time to rNd

Enjoy St. Patrick's Day or whatever you're doin'

Have fun, peace

2011-02-26 | 01:00 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hola pingas munchers :trollface:

Onslaught Evolved has been replaced by Gmod RP!
Commited latest author's TTT updates.
Corrected numerous Fast DL issues.
Updated some server code to proper syntax.
Added TONS of new fretta gamemodes - be sure to check them out!
Fixed up a lot of new fretta gamemode issues.
Fixed texture and content issues on a few servers.(ZS and lasertag hud fixed - Thx 2 Yomo for report and testing)
Increased afk kick time on applicable servers.
:omgwtfddosd: forum emote added supporting Official DDoS Week!
Implimented protection for client-based confidential information.(Thx Minic)
Upgraded forum base code and languages to latest release candidate!
Updated forum theme with minor fixes and latest code changes.
Tweaked front page design and overall performance.
Updated admin tools.
Added Wire Build Maps:
Added Zombie Survival Maps:
Added Trouble in Terrorist Town Maps:
Removed Zombie Survival Maps:

May your day be zagnip! :D

2011-02-19 | 07:00 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hey guyz, pingapinga

Removed ZS reported ZS maps: zs_zombie_survival_guide, zs_storm_v1, zs_z_beta, zs_silenthill_v1fix
Updated some kewl server tools n admin shiz
Went through server configs verifyin values n rebalancin some stuph
Fixed some server pingas I overlooked before
Lasertag material and vote screen fixes
Added latest contribs from TTT main branch
Tomcat's point_zsmessage added for ZS maps that use that feature (thx)
Added Tech's gear model pack suggestion to wire build
Added Tech's nocolide multi all (does not use constraints) to wire build
Christmas in February!
-- Finally got christmas hats for 2010 christmas competiton winrarz (jman,cheese,tomcat) on all servers (cept plain of course!)
-- Thanks 2 teh testers for lewkin for different player model hax and general entertainment
Teh other shiz I dun haz remember kthx

Have a happy zagnip day! :O

2011-02-14 | 20:00 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hey guyz, hope all is supa

Couple of maps uploads for fretta, zs, ttt
Some fixes to server tools, TTT sounds/zs ammo crates(thx minic), and affiliate updates
Fretta and TTT now show steam avatars instead of smileys
Ascension removed until client crashes are figured out
Winter Survival map with no items removed
Some other miscellaneous shiz/things I forgot eheh

Happy Valentines Day! :)

2011-01-28 | 17:10 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hey guyz, couple of updates

Switched the servers over to unix in a day or so
Few maps added, thanks to the admins uploading maps
Official rNd merchandise availiable in multiple countries
Yomo's Left 4 Dead 2 server is now an affiliate
Tons of other small additions and fixes, SVN updates, etc.

Be sure to watch rNd Youtube channel for upcoming video(s)

Hope your year is going well :)

2011-01-01 | 13:50 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
This post welcomes the new year..

Where we change writing the year we finally got used to!

Hope your new years was good and enjoy '11 ;)

2010-12-21 | 13:37 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Couple of gmod updates

Moolz has been promoted to admin

There were a few minor attacks today

Also did some map additions, removal, etc.

Thanks to those who posted about maplist issue in zs

Have fun guys and happy holidays :)

2010-12-02 | 05:21 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hey all, here to bring news about some map changes

Thanks to all who have been making and suggesting maps.

I have added roughly 40 deathrun maps, removed some on zs, been editing maps and adding custom new ones.

In addition,
- Wirebuild SVNs updated
- Space build model pack added to Wirebuild
- Explosive entities tool added to Wirebuild
- Name tags added to Sled Build
- Chimera Hunt gamemode added to Fretta - Might need special config, I will have to investigate this.
- Some internal stuph

Also, just in time for the weekend ;)

Have fun and stay classy rNd,

Big <3 out to that special girl out there ;)

2010-11-30 | 14:21 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hai, some old updates

[Zombie Survival] Global scoreboard added, saves kills after every game. Shows rank at end of every game.
[Zombie Survival] Last human receives an adrenaline effect - health and speed boost.
[Zombie Survival] Last five maps played can not be voted on. There is a 50% chance maps will be picked randomly instead of vote.
[Zombie Survival] zs haunted manner beta | zs cherry | zs maze v2 | and more maps added.
[Sled Build] Advanced duplicator added to sledbuild, does not allow uploads - only saves off that server!
[Wire Build] Pewpew homing rockets made admin only.
[Wire Build] Pac2 added!
[Wire Build] PlayX added.
[Rotation] Snowball added.
[All] Assmod notifications now supporting unicode, japanese displayed properly.

See ya guys and hf,

2010-11-04 | 19:00 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hi, lotta updates in the past.. week? Yeah week I guess, there were a lot of updates xD[All] Removed afk kick for staying too close to 'spawn'.

[All] Updated servers about 3 times.
[All] Player status tags are now sent with messages over global chat.
[All] Some optimizations to the !info menu.
[All] Fixed issues with special chars and global chat.
[Wire] Svn updates.
[Wire] When a vote is initiated, all physics will stop until the vote fails or wins. ( Hopefully prevent lagginess/crashing during voting )
[Wire] XQM Hydraulic is now availiable to everyone. ( Was previously restricted because of crashing potential )
[TTT] Fixed snowballs appearing for those that won the competition.
[Flood] Changed team colors to be lighter and easier to see - in chat, etc.
[Flood] Round timer text lighter.
[Flood] Nametags added to the flood server.
[Flood] 13 maps added.
[Flood] Added help menu with F1.
[Flood] Added ( right now - superficial ) teams to flood ( F2 to change team ).
[Flood] Added voteskip and voteextend to F3 and F4 respectively.
[Flood] Added over 250 props.
[Flood] Added categories to weapons and props.
[Flood] Players are now nocolided during build phase.
[Flood] Prop Protection menu added under utilities.
[Flood] Server Prop Protection settings adjusted.
[Flood] Props do not collide with others' props unless both players are on prop protection.
[Flood] Players do not collide with props they don't own.
[Flood] Added anti-pirate for others' boats, if you don't own the prop you will bounce off during fight round.
[Flood] Players cannot shoot dead players props during the fight round.
[Flood] If players have less then $8,000 they will generate $1 every second in the fight round.
[Flood] If players have more then $8,000 they lose money when they die in the fight round.
[Flood] A give system added for those with more than $8,000.
[Flood] Fixed boat reviver.
[Flood] Fixed many minor bugs.
[Onslaught] Alltalk turned on.
[Onslaught] Fixed hunters/zombinez.

Tons of stuff I still didn't list here D: ( either I forgot about or just internal stuff )

Quite a big list, anyway hf

Oh by the way, PirateShipWars was switched to Onslaught on the rotation server ( if you didn't notice already )

2010-10-25 | 21:19 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hi, here again wif teh updatez..

[Zombie Survival] Tomcat's animated killicons added.
[Zombie Survival] Logic entities added.
[Wire Build] Propeller Model Pack added.
[Wire Build] Tech's fixed sound script made downloadable.
[All] Fixed up !help menu and organized/added affiliates.

See ya guys soon wif some moar updatez! hf,

2010-10-21 | 14:58 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
As you may know Garry's mod has updated and I have updated the servers.
The problem right now is that the update broke the use of numerical index values when working with tables..
As a result, parts of wire are not working (E2, etc.), and some gamemodes aren't functioning - also a few scripts are failing.
Hopefully more news will arise on how this is being or not being delt with.

Aside from that, since Hayashi (an affiliate) is already hosting gcraft - I'm not sure if you guys would prefer a different gamemode for the rotation server ( to replaced pirate ship wars ).
If you would like to, please make a suggestion in the forums.. could be anything - avalanch, underdone, that one gamemode you like..

Here are some of the updates I remember doing!
- [Fretta] Added stuph to fruit attax.. should chex it out :D
- [Wirebuild] Multi-parent added and Super Parent Multi updated.
- [Wirebuild] Map suggestion by Tech's thread in forums approved, new map freespace06_v2-1.
- [Wirebuild] SVN's updated.
- [All] Hayashi server was added as affilate and also on global chat.
- Misc. maintenance shiz as always.

Here are some stuph I'm doing currently.
- Adding an asia tab to affiliates browser.
- Fixing affiliates browser for external affiliates.
- Misc fixes in SVN application.

2010-10-02 | 22:32 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Well I'm not going to list all the changes >_>
I haven't been able to keep up with all the little things I've been doing.
Here are the things I do remember at this time:
1- New Ranking System (vote system, etc. effected)
2- Site changes
3- SVN app updated
4- Uploaded maps
5- Garry's Mod updates
6- Minor Flood fixes (from gmod update and weapon exploit)
7- Deathrun added to Fretta
8- Minor Sledbuild fix (from gmod update)
9- Updated Wirebuild SVN's
10- Found out rotation-parasite server problem and fixed

There were a lot of other things that were probably important but oh well ^^
Have fun,

PS: PARASITE will be switched to PIRATE SHIP WARS as PARASITE has been up for a little over 2 weeks.

2010-09-19 | 04:05 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
If you haven't noticed already, I setup another server.
This server is our Rotation server, also known as the rANdOm server.
This means that multiple gamemodes will rotate for a certain timespan depending on their popularity.
It can range anywhere from 1 week to a couple months.
As of now, it is setup to run the Parasite gamemode.
You can join it at random.dontexist.com:27030
Thanks to Frank for suggesting the idea.
Feel free to make suggestions in the forums.
[Zombie Survival] playboy mansion and cosmic lounge removed because of reported imbalances.
[Zombie Survival] deathmaps now have a 1 in 10 chance to pop up on votemap.
[Winter Survival] 3 round map cycle instead of time limit. This should allow for uninterrupted rounds.
[AHN-Affiliate] Set up global chat. You should now be able to communicate with people there.
*Other Affiliates can do this as well, just need to get in contact with me*

2010-09-15 | 01:53 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Heya, just quick update.
[Zombie Survival] mMatrix console error spam fixed.
[Zombie Survival] Fixed all the non-melee weapon holding positions with help from SMasters again with testing and such.
Thats it for today - have fun,

2010-09-14 | 00:52 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
[Zombie Survival] Updated some ZS melee weapons that were being held the wrong way - Thanks to SMasters for telling me which ones were failing :P
[Wire/Phx Build] Stacker Advanced tool added.
[Wire/Phx Build] tracesystem E2 extension enabled.
[Wire/Phx Build] SVNs updated.
[Wire/Phx Build] Fixed PHX propeller tool.
I also updated the teamspeak server.

Haz fun!

2010-09-12 | 21:21 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Hey guys, I went around the servers and fixed up some issues:
[Wire/Phx Build] Fixed up a lot of broken scripts since the last update.
[Sled Build] Prevented certain types of props from spawning that were buggy, killable, etc.
[Sled Build] Set the map to change after 40 rounds instead of time limit.
[Zombie Survival] Fixed Zombie animations: With the help from ruben and a link from tomcat, ruben and I were able to fix up the Zombie Survival server's animations.
** Note: A few parts of the animations are still being worked on and you will see bugs **
[Zombie Survival] Fixed the grenades not throwing correctly.
[Trouble in Terrorist Town] Disabled the new strict karma.

Have fun!

2010-09-10 | 03:53 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Wire/Phx Build scoreboard was overhauled - many bugs fixed and features changed.
Wire/Phx Build scoreboard name icons now displayed properly.
Chat based calculator added to Wire/Phx Build server.
** Visit ( http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=135354 ) for more information!**
While waiting to place another vote, vote system now tells you the seconds left until you can vote (will go into effect after map changes on all servers).
Limited the reason for vote system to prevent overflows.

Have fun,

2010-09-08 | 10:24 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
ttt_crummycradle_a2 added to Trouble in Terrorist Town.
Servers updated to latest v99

Has fun and report bugs on the forums! Thanks,

2010-09-04 | 10:52 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
I went through all of the flood maps to make sure you stay within the intended play areas >_>
Also all the servers are up2date with all changes and whatnotz
Hopefully I can crank out some more kewl stuph soon

Have fun,

2010-08-29 | 02:48 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
- Silkicons updated for !info tabs (will be added to all servers soon)
- Nametag lua error fixed that caused derma panel to fail
- Nametags now show promoted status (admin,respected,etc)
- Votekick/ban verdict now showsount of yes/no votes upon completion(will be added to all servers soon)
- ws_arcticbillabong, sv_snowydesert_v2 added to Winter Survival
- zs_snowfall_v1 added to Zombie Survival
- Flood enhancements/fixes/etc

1- Added nocolide tool
2- Profiles are only saved after a fight round completes
** No matter what you buy/refund/etc.. if the server crashes or you disconnect before a finished round, you won't lose your stuph
3- Map changes after 5 rounds (instead of timer)
4- Shotgun added
5- fm_mountain added

*** I would like to make sure everyone knows Flood is in beta right now. Stats will most likely be reset once the gamemode is considered stable along with all the intended features.

2010-08-25 | 02:26 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
- Garry's Mod update 96 was applied
- SVN's updated on wirebuild
- TF2 content updated on both build servers
- Other things I don't remember :P
- Major Flood gamemode fixes/enhancements

1- Flood cash is now earned by hitting enemy props
** This replaces the old method completely
** More powerful guns earn more money per hit
2- You can now reset your flood profile by typing !reset in-game
** This resets your cash, weapons, and removes your props
3- inroundremprop was added to remove props during a fight round
** This is a console command. Point at your prop and enter this to receive half of your prop's value
4- Player Group scoreboard text made easier to see
5- All props now have correct prices
6- Refund system corrected/improved
7- Big vending machine price dropped down to $400
8- Prop healer is now enabled
** Can also use to "enhance" your prop's health up to 20%! This costs 2x the regular healing price
9- Prop Protection was fixed up
10- Various core gamemode fixes/optimizations

There are more additions/fixes to come so stay tuned!

2010-08-21 | 01:40 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
- Garry's Mod update 95 was applied
- Counter-Strike map issue was fixed on fretta and ttt
- Various votekick/ban fixes and enhancements
- Removed rope on flood --only used for minging
- Votekick/ban and serverbrowser added to Plain Build --does not have direct impact on gameplay
- SVN's were updated on Wire Build
- Global chat now uses a new system

2010-08-17 | 01:01 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Gave some room for sledbuild's gui so notices don't cover it
Fixed some votekick/ban issues
Votekick now instantly removes that players props after vote is passed
Prevented spawning of ragdolls in flood, hopefully
Cleaned up notices to be more readable
zs_qwerty_v1 was uploaded
zs_abstraction_night was uploaded
zs_underpass_330 was uploaded

Note: Some updates will be gradual as they require map changes or server restarts

2010-08-08 | 03:24 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Garry's Mod updated to v94
TTT was updated to v8 - the last update was incorrect
Dog fight arcade afk kick is now fixed
zs_abandoned_facility was uploaded to ZS
Tomcat contributed a lua fix for the ZS map zs_inversion_v3 to prevent map exploits
Sleeper requested his maps to be online for a short time period on ZS once again, so I did so

Things to look forward to:
- Moving the info bar on Sledbuild out of the way as to not block the vgui
- Prevention of reported votekick/ban evasions
- Votekick/ban instantly removes props after a successful vote
and other stuphs!

Haz fun,

2010-08-04 | 11:43 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Wow, I don't remember the exact date, but around this time awhile ago I setup a little wirebuild server for my friends.
I'mazed it came this far and I would like to formally thank all the users, admins, and supporters for all their help and contributions to the servers, site, and more.
Also, thanks to the game creators for all the server's I've hosted, valve's distribution system, various forums, and interweb peoples.
Celebrate 4 years of RND! Thanks a lot guys :)

Still Goin' Strong!

2010-08-03 | 08:24 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
- Garry's Mod update 93 is now on all the servers
- Sourcebans is now switched over
- zs_greenhouse_v1 and fm_grass_v3 were uploaded to zs and flood respectively
- TTT was updated to version 8 during the gmod update

Thanks to everyone helping with the forum transition!

2010-08-03 | 05:33 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
- Everything should be switched over with the exception of sourcebans
- Servers were updated to version 92 the other day
- Server now displays a disconnect message for players using the !info server browser
This will let players know where people plan to play at.
- TTT was updated to version 5 during the gmod update
This will be updated to version 7b when the next gmod update is released
- zs_poolsclosed_v1 was put onto zombie survival

zs_greenhouse_v1 and fm_grass_v3 are planned to be uploaded

2010-08-02 | 10:57 (YYYY-MM-DD | PST)
Got new website up!

New front layout n shiz