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Title: Hatifnats Application ;D
Post by: .:|Hatifnat|:. on August 05, 2010, 04:21:31 AM
OK, i will do this fast. bytheway,ihateapp(s). i am a wire guy and love to use e2, i can mostly say i use e2 for everything! but not for being minge (i may be a mingy when i am bored but not with e2) and sometimes i make minges pissed off. i have made allot of shit in gmod, like train, plane, cars, base, boats or maybe just make some failure shitz. I can a the basic of HTML and 70% of the basic on javascript and a little java. but that was a year or two ago, but i understand most coding by guess how it work... i am learning to play guitar and can the intro of "smoke on the water" original version(hard) and some other crap. i hope this was a good intro cause i wont say any more INFO about MYSELF >:D

now for some basic info:

Real Name: Philip
Xfire: Philip1704 (nick Hatifnat)
Steam: Hatifnat
Age: 14 1/2
Birthday: 17. April
Location: Oslo, Oslo, Noway <--- i know, the state name and the city is the same :/

you can contact me in steam or xfire

why i want to be respected:
i want to be respected cuse the .:`=-~rANdOm~`-=:.'s servers looks nice,fun and creative. so i got this in my mind: why not be respect and get more access and use the e2 for my works.

I hope i will get respected  ;D

Thanks, Hatifnat 8) (no i dont smoke)
Title: Re: Hatifnats Application ;D
Post by: DoeniDon on August 05, 2010, 05:16:39 AM
This Forum will be frozen and deleted soon and you can't get respected at the moment.
Go to www.randomgs.com (http://www.randomgs.com)